The Town of Cornelius is pursuing its first annual public art exhibition. This exhibition will go on display at Robbins Park this Spring.


The Town of Cornelius is enthusiastic about its first annual public art show. The site for this year's exhibit will be Robbins Park. The park offers a natural and relaxing setting for visitors to interact with the art. The area offers high visibility and exposure for the artists who will be selected for the exhibit.

Project Timeline: 

  • September - Selection and approval of public art sites by the town's public art committee 
  • October - Call for submissions opens
  • January 1 - Deadline for submissions 
  • January 15 - Public art committee will finalize selections for the show and inform the artists who have been selected. 
  • March 30-April 3 - Delivery and installation of the work will take place
  • April TBA - The public art exhibit will open to the public.
  • Accepted submissions will be on display for one year.